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Just like all art, books reflect us. They reflect who we are, they reflect the world, and they reflect our true nature. They are living tomes which convey a beauty and a connection that cannot die. I read Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Classic Lit, Horror, and Non-Fiction.

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Eragon: Not as Good as I remember.

Eragon - Christopher Paolini

The story is good, especially for being written by a teenager, but it's quality should be no surprise since at its basest elements, it's Star Wars set in a fantasy realm. If it obvious to you with Eragon then it would have become if you read the other novels in the series. I originally read the book when I was in middle school and absolutely loved it, however, I've reread it since then and it just fell flat. I don't know if it's because I'm older, or if the book doesn't hold up to being re-read, but I could barely get through it this time. I still give the book a 5/5, but only because it was really influential when I was younger and now that I'm more mature, I'm not exactly the intended audience. Also, stay away from the movie at all costs.