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Just like all art, books reflect us. They reflect who we are, they reflect the world, and they reflect our true nature. They are living tomes which convey a beauty and a connection that cannot die. I read Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Classic Lit, Horror, and Non-Fiction.

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The Magicians, but better.

The Magician King (The Magicians #2) - Lev Grossman

This book is for fans of fantasy. I won't make any suggestions to the contrary. If you're the kind of person who's read all of the Harry PotterThe Chronicles of Narnia, and you liked this book's predecessor, The Magicians, then you'll like this book. Compared to The MagiciansThe Magician King is less whiney, more original, less predictable, and the ending has a kind of impact that the last one was missing. Grossman's growth as an author is palpable and I look forward to whatever he does in the future. This book is a full star better than the last one and receives a solid 4/5.